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Where do We Go From Here

Nominated for 

Best Director

Director: Antonello Schioppa

20' • Italy • 2019


A woman's lifeless body is lying on a room's floor. A shocked man is staring at it. Beyond the closed door, someone is quietly trying to get in: he's a 9 years old child. These three are a family. Or what's left.

Writer: Antonello Schioppa

Producers: Erika Ponti & Beppe Manzi

Cast: Peppino Mazzotta, Riccardo Peta

Director's Bio:
Author of short film and music videos. as a director he begins in 2005 directing Piazza Vittorio, a music video for Fonderia, which received the audience award at 12th Capalbio Short Film Festival. In the following years he realized comedies like Sick of it (Il Malato), social commitment short film like Today I have something else to do (Oggi ho altro da fare) and Sixty Percent (Sessanta percento) about mental illness. The Maine Coon (Il gatto del Maine) is one of his last work, best short film at Roma International Film Festival 2012.

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