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Like an Egg in the Radiator

Nominated for 

Best Student Film

Director: Davide Maria Valsecchi

10' • Italy • 2020


The story of how an omelette is made. Valentino, an aspiring actor, can't wait to leave with his girlfriend Anna for their first trip together. Unfortunately, the car they are about to hit the road with belongs to her father, Carlo, a slightly gruff sixty-year-old man with a great passion for motors and whom Valentino has not yet met. The boy cannot escape it, he must meet him before taking away his precious car and his more precious daughter. The only problem: he will have to “pass an exam” on his motors’ skills, a subject completely unknown to him. But Valentino, as a good actor, knows how to play a part. Proving his talent, and thanks to Anna's providential complicity, the young man finds the right words to duel with Carlo. But things never go as planned.

Writers: Vincenzo Borsellino & Davide Maria Valsecchi

Producer: Francesca Chiari

Cinematographers: Nicola Rossi
Editors: Bettina Zironi

Cast: Gigio Alberti, Iacopo Ricciotti, Bianca Balconi

Director's Bio:
Davide Maria Valsecchi is a filmmaker from Milan who works as a director, screenwriter and production designer between Milan and London mainly on independent short films, both documentary and fiction, and music-videos. He holds a Master degree in Filmmaking from the London Film School graduating with 'Quasi una Fantasia', a short film with light and melancholy tones set in Monterosso, Italy, shot on 16mm film and which reached the semifinals at the RIIFF Rhode Island Film Festival 2020. During the Master, Davide was educated to fill all the roles of the production of a film so as to be able to recognize the creative potential and the need of each of them, an awareness gained also on the occasion of his latest short film 'Come un Uovo nel Radiatore', the result of participation in the workshop ‘Officine’ and shot under the artistic supervision of director Silvio Soldini. The three-year degree in Sociology and Social Research and the different professional experiences as a production designer have led him to transfigure the interest in the socio-cultural context in his works as a director, set between fantasies and reality, which take inspiration from the places and people that belong to his autobiography.

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